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2020 Timber Framing Workshops at Fox Maple
Introductory Timber Framing, June 1-6
Advanced Timber Framing, June 8-13
Combined Intro & Advanced, June 1-13

The 2020 Introductory and Advanced Timber Framing workshop series taking place at Fox Maple in Brownfield, Maine, has now been posted and available for registration.

The Costa Rica workshop last November was a smashing success. Here are a couple of pics of the completed 12-sided Reciprical Roof Structure. We will post more pics and videos once we have a chance to go through the tousands of photos taken during the workshop. The frame was executed impecably by the students and instructors and stands as a testament to what is possible to an eager and enthustiac group of people armed only with a few sharp chisels and a tremendous amount of will. Thanks to everyone who took part. A special thanks goes to Kohei Yamamoto, who inspired everyone with his generosity and depth of knowledge and talent. We hope to schedule another future workshop with Yamamoto, so keep posted.

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Spring 2014 Reciprocal Roof Advanced Timber Frame course project

Fox Maple Nosara timber frameSpring 2015 Student paring 1/2 Dovetail
Tie Beam tenon

Four Valley system cut as the Spring 2015 Advanced Timber Framing Course Project.

Asturias, Spain Summer 2008


Patagonia, Winter 2006

Nosara CR Winter 2015 Timber Framing Workshop Project

FMFrame2015IMG1322Frames For Sale
The previously posted frames have been sold, but we do have the Spring 2019 workshop frame available for sale. It is a 2 bent, 16x20, High-Posted Queen Post frame with two joined valley eyebrow dormers (similar to the dormer in the photo to the left). The dormers were cut in the Advanced Workshop.Email for further info.
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Spring 2015 Workshop Project 20 x 32 High Post Hammerbeam Cape.

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Nosara 2014 Timber Framing workshop frame

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Assembling English Joint in
Spring 2014 Introductory Workshop


Time Flies! 2017 marks
Fox Maple's 35th year of teaching
Perfection & Grace.

Upcoming in 2020

imber Framing Workshop
at Fox Maple 2020

Intro TF June 1-6
Advanced TF June 8-13
Combined June 1-13

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Setting up the center lines
on a curved teak tie beam in
Costa Rica workshop.

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