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Introducing the new Outbacker Layout Square

OutbackerChappellSquare1If the Traveler is the little brother to the Master Framer, then the new Outbacker represents the next generation of Chappell Squares, adding a whole new level of layout flexibility in the shop or on the jobsite. The new Outbacker is deeply etched with the most essential patented Chappell Square tables, putting a world of information literally in the palm of your hand.

Made with the same 13 gauge 304 stainless steel as the rest of the family of Chappell Squares, the new Outbacker is rugged enough to provide generations of use and even doubles as a great ice scraper (a handy winter advantage). The 1/4 inch stainless steel spine gives the Outbacker a perfectly balanced feel, and fits as comfortably in your hand as in your back pocket. Now you can take the most essential patented Chappell Square rafter tables with you anywhere you go—and no batteries required.

The first run of Outbacker squares are now available in limited quantity. For more information or to purchase one of the the first-run Outbackers, click on the link below.

The 1218 Traveler Chappell Universal Square
The best square in your tool box

ChappellSquareLayout2DSC0498Its been 10 years since the first Chappell Square was unveiled at the Timber Framers Guild Conference at Montebello in 2010, and the 1824 Master Framer is by far the most popular and biggest seller for good reason. Quite simply, no timber framer or carpenter in this day and age should be without a Master Framer as a first choice purchase, but its little brother, the 1218 Traveler should not be overlooked.

The truth is that when I walk into my shop, the first square I pick up is undoubtedly the 1218 Traveler. This little brother to the Master Framer has garnered little fame when standing up alongside its big brother, but on its own merit, it is one of the most useful layout tools I have in my shop. It's size and proportion give it perfect balance and weight, and it feels ever so sweet and comfortable in your hand. It is perfect for checking the square of timbers and quickly gauging sample layouts. I use it for laying out the lions share of my secondary joinery details, and with the tongue being 12 inches on the outside, and 10 inches on the inside, it's perfect for quickly gauging and laying out rafter and strut angles using the base 12 common rafter run system on the outside, or the base 10 Chappell Square system on this inside. Wether you are a weekend woodworker or a professional builder, don't be without a 1218 Traveler.

Vive Jean-Claude

Steve Chappell

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The November 2019 workshop project in Costa Rica, was a 12-sided, triple reciprocal roof structure in teak. The 12 posts were scribe fit to giant stones. Only the top 1/3 of the stones are visible in the photo. A large portion of the frame above was laid out using the 1218 Traveler Square.

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Spring 2014 Reciprocal Roof Advanced Timber Frame course project

Fox Maple Nosara timber frameSpring 2015 Student paring 1/2 Dovetail
Tie Beam tenon

Four Valley system cut as the Spring 2015 Advanced Timber Framing Course Project.

Asturias, Spain Summer 2008


Patagonia, Winter 2006

Nosara CR Winter 2015 Timber Framing Workshop Project

The Chappell Universal Framing Square!!!
The First Innovation in the Framing Square in 110 Years.

The Master Framer model #1824 and the Traveler model #1218 each have the unique, patented Chappell Universal Square rafter tables. The front side body has a comprehensive Equal Pitched Rafter TChappellUniversalSquare1824Sable for determining layout of hip and valley roof systems with common pitches ranging from 2/12 to 18/12. The front side tongues have Unequal Pitch Rafter Tables for unequal roof systems ranging from 4/12 to 15/12 with a main common pitch of 12/12. The back side bodies have comprehensive Rafter Tables for 6 and 8 sided polygons. The backside tongues have Unequal Pitch Rafter Tables for roof systems with a main roof of 9/12.

Made of 13 gauge stainless steel with deep etched rulings and tables, this square will last a lifetime. The Master Framer, model #1824 has a body 2" x24" and a tongue of 1-1/2" x 18". The Traveler, model #1218 has a body 2" x 18" and a tongue of 1-1/2" x 12".
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Setting up the center lines

on a curved teak tie beam in
Costa Rica workshop.






Assembling English Joint in
Spring 2014 Introductory Workshop

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The workshop project from the Summer 2020 Workshop is now available for sale.

The Intro class project was a 16x20, High-Posted Cape with both king and queen posts trusses. The Advanced course project was a 16'x18' Half Octagon extension to the Intro frame.

This is a sweet little frame package that would be perfect for a guest cottage, workshop or a stunning music studio.

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Nosara, Costa Rica 2014


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