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Joinery, Design & Construction of Timber Frame Roof Systems

Drawn from over 35 years of experience building and teaching advanced timber framing, this book combines both the nuance you would expect, and also a broad overview of the history of compound timber frame joinery. The work is divided into two parts, Book One: Design & History, and Book Two: Geometry & Joinery Systems.

Book One begins with a chapter titled, The Elements of Design. In this section, Chappell draws parallels between the significance of proper design proportions, harmonics and the feel that resonates between these elements and the craftsman's touch. Through the proportions of the golden mean, phi and the Fibonacci sequence, metaphors to music and the jazz of timber framing, Chappell begins to develop a template that includes both sound and harmonic resonance as fundamental aspects of the design medium.

Chappell then goes on to explore the early development and history of timber framed roof systems from the 12th century Stave Churches to the medieval Tithe Barns and Market halls of Europe, and the ancient Pagodas of China and Japan. The focus is on discovering the systems and techniques used to build vernacular medieval timber framed roof systems.

Book Two moves into the technical aspects of how to begin the process by first developing the geometric model. Though the subject can be quite complex, the emphasis on developing a strong visual mental image at the outset is strengthened through the use of numerous photographs and illustrations. The book goes on to thoroughly discuss a very broad variety of design options and joinery details for virtually any situation one may ever confront in constructing complex, joined timber framed roof systems.

Chappell presents a complete and comprehensive geometric and mathematical system in this work. One that can be used to design virtually any conceivable arrangement of complex structural members that one may ever face.
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Gold Medal 2013 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Book Award
Silver Medal 2013 IPPY Independent Publisher Book Award

ISBN-10: 1-889269-03-4
ISBN-13: 978-1-889269-03-0
Binding: Hard Cover
368 pages, over 900 4/C photos & illus.
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Printed and bound in USA.
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Advanced Timber Framing

Book 1 • Design & History
1 • Elements of Design
2 • History of Roof Framing

Book 2 • Geometry & Joinery Systems
3 • Developing the Geometric Model
4 • Designing Compound Joinery
5 The Vocabulary of Compound Joinery

Starting with a comprehensive history of medieval hip and valley roof systems, to detailed descriptions about how to design even the most intricate compound joinery detail, Advanced Timber Framing opens a broad doorway to both the professional builder and novice alike to expand their creativity.

This hard cover First Edition has 368 pages and over 900 four color photos, along with hundreds of drawings and illustrations detailing a broad variety of specific
joinery details.

"Steve Chappell’s Advanced Timber Framing: Joinery, Design & Construction of Compound Hip & Valley Timber frame Roof Systems is the most detailed and comprehensive book available on how to layout and cut mortise and tenon joinery for complex roofs. But this book is invaluable to any craftsman-builder in a number of other ways as well."

Will Beemer, Director,
The Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts


ADVANCED Timber Framing

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ADVANCED Timber Framing, Wins Two National Book Awards



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ADVANCED Timber Framing
Gold Medalist
2013 Benjamin Franklin
Book Awards

Silver Medalist
2013 IPPY Book Awards


2nd Edition of
ADVANCED Timber Framing
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This is a 368 page, hard cover volume that is jam packed with information about the design and construction of compound timber framed roof systems. From history to Design and Execution, Advanced
Timber Framing has it all covered.


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This 272 pg. Revised Edition has over 150 new photos and includes updated engineering and comprehensive in-depth technical information on the joinery, design and construction of Traditional Timber Frames. Illustrated with over 500 photos and CAD drawings. Click on the book cover for more info or
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