Clearing Out the Barn Sale
Two New Frames Available

RoofTree0096Fox Maple Timber Frames for Sale
Each year we cut numerous frames in our workshops. Some are constructed at the school site as permanent additions to our infrastructure, serving also as models of timber framing systems and joinery design, while others are sold to past students or passersby after the fact. We are inclined not to presell the frames as our motive is to teach joinery and design concepts and to promote creativity. This, more often than not, leads to design changes during the process of the workshop prompted by the students as they begin to develop their own understanding of the subtle (and not so subtle) elements of design. Having these frames pre-sold, we believe, would hinder our flexibility and our students creativity. However, we undoubtably cut more frames than we can use each year and now and again they begin to add up. Scroll down to view an isometric plan and brief description of the timber frames we have available.

While these frames are cut by students, the quality of joinery is at a very high level. Each of these frames were cut and erected in workshops. After dismantling, they have been fine tuned, sanded, oiled and packed ready for shipping. These frames are being sold as ready-to-assemble packages and come with detailed framing plans. All timbers are clearly marked for ease of assembly and raising. Anybody with basic building skills and common sense should be capable of assembling and raising these frames with just a few people. In most cases a crane will be necessary.

Clearing Out the Barn Sale - Winter is late but the winter snows will soon be arriving in the foothills of western Maine, and we need to clear out our storage barn for current work projects. In order to clear the barn quickly we are offering the two saltbox frames listed below at an additional 25% discount or more off the already discounted prices if purchased before we pack them away for winter. Scroll down for brief description and email for prices and complete package description.

If you would like to have a custom designed frame cut to fit your exact needs, please contact us via


20'x32' High Posted
Hammerbeam Cape

This is a white pine frame with oak braces cut in the Spring 2018 workshop. The frame is clear span and is designed to accommodate a second floor loft in one bay with a cathedral bay dominated by the hammerbeam bent. The frame package is available with or without the second floor loft system. The main roof pitch is 10/12 and the posts are 12' plus, which can be cut to accommodate your needs and the first floor system design. This could be placed on a concrete slab, or a conventional floor frame system. This frame would make a comfortable cottage, or a nice workshop space. The frame has two dormers cut in the Advanced Workshop and can be included with the main frame or not.

Email for prices and more information. Please specify the frame(s) of interest.

Timber Frame cut in the Spring 2018 Timber Framing Workshop. This 20'x32' High Post Hammerbeam Cape is now available for sale.

This 20'x32' High Post Hammerbeam Cape was cut in the Spring 2018 workshop and has 2 dormers that were cut in the Advanced Workshop. The frame can be purchased with or without the dormers. The dormers can be set up as depicted in the Isometric plan to the left, or they can be placed in the Loft bay on oppisite sides. The middle bent is a King Kost, with the opposite gable bent being a Queen Post.

Email for prices and more information. Please specify the frame(s) of interest.

Serious Inquiries only!


16x20 Saltbox Frame with 4 Valley Dormer System
Now Available

This is a classic Fox Maple Saltbox workshop frame project cut in 2017. The footprint is 16x20 with 14/12 roof pitch. We had at first considerd saving this frame to build on site, but have now decided to make it available for sale. The advanced class cut a beautiful 4-valley system with king post and struts. This is an excptional frame and would make a beautiful cottage or addition to a house.


Email for prices and more information. Please specify the frame(s) of interest.

Serious Inquiries only!

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Past Workshop Frames For Sale

Shop1 shop2

The Workshop that Jack Built
This frame was cut in our Spring 2006 workshop. The main section of the workshop frame is a 22'x32' Cape with King Post and Queen Post trusses, utilizing English Tying Joints and an eavesdropper loft floor system. The extension is a 16'x16' Hammerbeam Great Room, also cut in the same workshop.

This frame was sold to one of our past students, Jack Williams, to make a timber framing workshop at his farm in Sedalia, Missouri. He has now made the transition from University Professor to Timber Framer, specializing in gazebos, arbors and pergolas. The photo at bottom left is of an oak pergola he cut for a client in his new workshop.

He completed the enclosure and finish work mostly by himself, and also cut the eavesdropper loft system. The frame was raised with the help mostly from family and friends.

He says, "I really enjoy my shop and I am happy that it is timber frame... I spend a good deal of time out there. I have built 4 arbors and number 5 is probably going to happen. I am doing much better with the math but I'm slow and check myself plenty of times."

pergolacorner 016

16 x 20 Saltbox with 4 Valley System in now available for sale.

This photo does not show the valley system.

Email for more info.



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