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Spring 2014 Reciprocal Roof Advanced Timber Frame course project

Fox Maple Nosara timber frameSpring 2015 Student paring 1/2 Dovetail
Tie Beam tenon

Four Valley system cut as the Spring 2015 Advanced Timber Framing Course Project.

Asturias, Spain Summer 2008


Patagonia, Winter 2006

Nosara CR Winter 2015 Timber Framing Workshop Project

Assembling English Joint in Spring 2014 Introductory Workshop.

Setting up the center lines
on a curved teak tie beam in
Costa Rica workshop.

LibraryFoxMaplecroppedP5170287Fox Maple was founded in 1975, at a time when the timber framing revival was just beginning to take root. Our motivation to begin building new timber frames grew from our desire to fully understand the nature of this ancient building system. In 1983 Fox Maple expanded its reach beyond the building of timber frames strictly for discerning clients, to include education through Fox Maple School, and the dissemination of information through Fox Maple Press. To this day these three distinct aspects of Fox Maple remain linked through their dedication to the high goals set back in 1975.
This may best be conveyed in what has become known to our many students over the years as our mantra, "perfection & grace puts a smile on your face"
, and to our guiding belief that quality far surpasses quantity.—Vive Jean Claude!

Timber Framing & Natural Building WorkshopsIntroworkshop2008a1a
Teaching the art of fine timber frame joinery is at the core of Fox Maple's educational efforts. This includes the systems of structure, joinery layout & design, and how to execute perfect joinery. But perhaps more importantly, we provide the space, opportunity and motivation for our students to awaken the craftsman they have within and to connect with the subtle aspects of what it is to be a craftsman. We then go on to explore the use of natural enclosure systems, focusing on the most practical and efficient to meet our modern needs and to provide a truly Green Building alternative.
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Fine Craftsmanship is at the heart of our teaching philosophy. Exploring ways to make traditional systems practical to create high quality dwellings to meet our current building needs is our mission. Teaching people to become fine craftsmen is what we do.

ValleySystemProject1992a1Fox Maple Timber Framing
In 1973 the seeds of Fox Maple were beginning to sprout through the study and renovation of barns and colonial house frames in the western foothills of Maine. In 1975, Fox Maple Post & Beam began offering new house frames in the tradition of the 18th century Maine architectural landscape to discerning clients in what was to be the first seed of the revival of this ancient craft. The rest is history. Our goal was to first thoroughly understand the ancient methods from which we could then develop practical and aesthetically pleasing joinery systems and frame designs appropriate for a modern timber framing tradition. This included the development of complex joinery systems that allowed the framing of joined hip and valley BradyFM60042a1roof system.

Throughout the past 35 years Fox Maple's devotion to building the finest commercial and residential joined timber frames available has never wavered. Fox Maple frames are still designed on a client-by-client basis to meet each clients specific needs, and hand crafted by craftsmen of the highest caliber. Our initial goals set down back in 1975 remain the same—to build exquisitely crafted timber frames for discerning clients.

With the Birth of Brady Hayes Chappell, in November of 2007, Fox Maple now enters into its 4th Generation of a family Timber Framing Tradition. In his short but illustrious life, Brady has taken part in several raising's, including Costa Rica and Asturias, Spain. The future of timber framing now seems to be secure.

To find out how Fox Maple can build your upcoming commercial or residential timber frame project, please send your query with a brief overview of the project parameters and essential details via email. We accept projects worldwide.

JoinersQuarterly37cover1a1Fox Maple Press
Joiners' Quarterly began publishing technical information about Timber Framing and Traditional Building in 1983.

Traditional timber framing and joinery techniques are at the core of the editorial content, but Natural Building is an important aspect because traditional building, by virtue of its pure and simple approach, is natural building. Timber, Straw, Wood & Clay; these were the traditional materials of the past, but today we think of them as Alternative Building. JQ offers insightful, technical articles about how to make traditional timber framing, combined with natural building systems, appropriate once again to build houses that will last for many generations. Craftsmanship is a key essential to any building endeavor. Articles in JQ and editorial content take this as the first essential, and present it as such. JQ Back issues offer a unique glimpse into the revival of timber framing through insightful articles.
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Nosara 2014 Timber Framing workshop frame



Time Flies! 2013 marked
Fox Maple's 30th year of teaching
Perfection & Grace.

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