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New Revised
Edition 2011

A Timber Framer's Workshop
Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames
by Steve Chappell.

"Throughout the book, Chappell shares an infectious love of the art and craft of timber framing. A
journeyman carpenter would be able to cut a timber frame with the information presented in this
book...His comprehensive 'Joinery Design', 'Tension Joinery', and 'Roof Framing & Truss Design'
sections are technical enough to hand to your engineer, but also comprehendable by the layman."
--Fine Homebuilding Magazine

This 250 page workbook includes comprehensive in-depth technical information on the joinery, design and construction of Traditional Timber Frames. Illustrated with over 230 photos and CAD drawings. Included are Frame Plans, design and engineering formulae, rule-of-thumb design and engineering guidelines, shop setup, builder's math, joinery design criteria, practical timber framing tips, tools and more. If you are an architect, engineer, builder or an aspiring owner builder wishing to build your own timber frame, A Timber Framer's Workshop will provide the information you need.
ISBN 1-889269-00-X  $30 cover price.
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Joiners' Quarterly 
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JQ Back Issue Index
Back Issue of JQ chronicle the revival of timber framing in America as no other source does. The first issue, published in 1983, set the editorial focus: How do we build as craftsmen? Timber framing, Traditional Building, Natural Building Systems, clay, straw & thatch, have all been intrinsic to JQ long before they became buzzwords of the day, because they offer us practical lessons in the ways that we can build for our needs today. Studying traditional building systems may be the best way to gauge our most viable building approaches for the future. Search far and wide, but you will find no other source that offers such indepth information about building in a traditional manner.

The first 13 issues were published in a tabloid newsprint format. These early issues chronicle the early revival of timber framing and the first call to organize a Guild of timber framers. These early issues of JQ ignited the spark that ultimately brought a broad based, though disparate, body of individuals pursuing the craft of timber framing to the realization that other people were doing it. A number of issues are no longer available, more will soon be depleted. The complete set offers a unique insight into the evolution of the revival of a craft.
Back Issues are available for $6.50 each, or by the 6 pack $30, 12 pack $48, 24 case $88, Keg (complete set) $105

"Just a quick email to let you know I recieved my order of your complete back issue set... I have been meaning to drop you an e-mail to let you know... but I have had trouble in pulling myself away from your amazing publications. It not only explores both the practical and finer points of timber framing but also embraces a wide range of intresting and cross related subjects. Keep up the good work..." Tony Lake, Inverness-Shire, UK

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JQ Back issues are now available in pdf format for $5 each.

We will soon have all of the JQ Back Issues available to download in an Acrobat Reader pdf format directly over the net. JQ 37 & JQ38 are currently available, with more soon to follow.

To order click on the Order link(s) below. The process will prompt you to download after payment is completed. When the Thank You page comes up, click on the DOWNLOAD NOW tag on the bottom left hand side of the page. Download time is about 5-10 minutes depending on modem speed. Opening file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader click here to download it free.

Back Issue Index
scroll down for list


Cupolas from Yesterday and Today:
Designing & Building Cupolas for Design and Function
Cordwood Masonry and Timber Framing:
Design tips and techniques for building a cordwood and timber frame.
Timber Frame
Enclosure Options:
From stress skin to traditional wattle & daub, a preview of some of the most appropriate modern and traditional enclosure systems.
Panel Systems:
Foam core stress skin, compressed straw, site built.
Built-up Systems:
Stud infill, wattle & daub
In-fill Systems:
Straw bale, straw light clay, wood chip light clay

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Traditional use of Straw/Clay 'Nogging' in Hunterdon County, NJ
Traditional Wattle & Daub in Wisconsin
Thatch & Clay Traditions in the U.S.
Hudson Valley Thatch Report & Traditional Thatching in PA
Scarf Joints:
Getting more from Less From Timbers and Planks
Roof Framing Spreadsheets:
Using spreadsheets as building templates
Reflections on Hand Tools & Craftsmanship:
Insights into Tool Use and Creativity
Pacific Lumber Logging Plans Thrown Out by Courts

Order JQ 37 in pdf format for download now!


Builders Math
How to stay grounded in trigonometry as your building goes up.
With a follow-up quiz to flex your new knowledge of trig, by Steve Chappell
Tamarack Ships Knees:
How to use them in Timber Frames, by Ken Textor
A unique and economical solution to a common framing problem
with a sidebar by Newman B. Gee on blind trunneling
Resurection of Cob in Modern Building
An overview of Traditional Cob Construction in England, and it's use Today, by Ianto Evans
Sustainable Design: The Green Challenge
Coming to terms with the long-term implications of how we build, by Barbara Nadel
Cartoon Houses:
CAD Review, low cost CAD Program helps to design your own house, by Bruce Pankratz


Tabby: A 19th Century Natural Alternative to Concrete made from Sea Shells
A durable natural concrete made from lime, sand and oyster shells, by Douglas Page
Upper Canada Timber Frame Tradition
Fine craftsmanship accounts for the standing historic record of early timber framing in upper Canada,
by Richard Casslman
1757 Sloop Recreated:
The Lady Washington is reborn 232 years later on a different ocean, by Diane Olthuis
Traditional Joinery Inspired with On-site Timbers
Square-rule layout and eleven pieces of wood combine to form a unique frame, by Craig Hanson
Real Rumford Fireplaces:
Design Overview
An essay on the proper approach to build a Count Rumford Fireplace, by Jim Buckley
The Owner-Builder as Craftsman:
Examining the necessary qualities it takes to create a 'well-crafted' home, by Will Beamer
Hands & Hearts:
The recreation of a medieval English Cottage in Roylalston, MA, by Ken Hume
Woodchip and Light Clay Infill Sysyems:
An introduction to the building process, by Frank Andresen


Straw Bale Building: Living Straw
Architect Designs Award Winning straw bale house in New Hampshire, by Maureen Westrick
State-of-the-Art Clay Building in Germany:
Introduction to German clay building techniques, by Frank Andresen
A Hearth for the Health of Life:
Design and overview of Masonry Heaters in a New Hampshire Project. by Albie Barden
Hampshire England's Ancient Open Halls:
Framing Systems of Medieval England, by Ken Hume
Building a Soapstone Stove
An Alaskan owner-built masonry heater, by Diane Olthuis
Count Rumford's Fireplaces:
Perfected in Ben Franklin's time, and still the ultimate in fire efficiency.
Design overview by Jim Lawrence
The Passive Solar Slab:
Design and construction details
Excerpted from the Passive Solar Home, by James Kachadorian


Straw-Core Construction Panels
A Texas based company takes the next step in straw panel technology, by Ken Roseboro
Sort Yards, Better Timber Resource Management
Sort yards increase value-added revenues and promote better timber resource management
by Michael Evenson
A Beginner's Guide to Land Purchase
Building begins with the right site, by Jim Marks
Traditional Building Systems:
Straw panels, straw bales,clay/fiber Systems, by Steve Chappell
Moving a 3000 Ton Timber Frame
One gargantuan effort to preserve the Yukon's past, by Diane Olthuis


Joinery in Dutch-American Barns:
A survey of joinery details unique to Dutch barns in the Hudson River Valley, by Greg Huber
The Montville Public Library, Alternatives to Traditional Joinery:
Maximizing the use and efficiency of timbers to reduce material costs, by Eliot W Goldstein
Maine's Clearcutting Ban Under Siege:
Unraveling the issues, by Jim Marks


Minka: Traditional Farmhouses of Japan
Tradition and techniques used in the traditional minka farmhouses of 15th & 16th century Japan,
by Doug and Martha Lingen
Building with Square Timbers & Round Logs
Combining the energy efficiency of Timber Frames with the Alaskan appeal for log building
by Diane Olthuis
Solar Incidence:
Using the sun to determine site design and floorplan layout,
by G.C. Milligan
Horse Logging:
Examining the advantages and limitations of using this time-tested method of logging. by Pete Cecil


Consider the Portable Bandsaw Mill
A veteran mill operator discusses the inns and outs of operating a portable sawmill, by Gus Carlson
French Scribing Recycled Timbers
One approach to dealing with out-of-square hewn timbers, by Tico Vogt
A Case for Caring Craftsmanship
The views and philosophy of a master craftsman on the importance of caring about what we craft, by Duncan MacMaster
Roofing Over Stress Skin Panels
How to avoid problems by using the correct application techniques, by T. Wayne Condor
Modeling the Globe Theater in CAD
The project architect on the Globe Theater reconstruction discusses his technique for modeling it with CAD,
by Jon Greenfield


Reconstruction of the Globe Theater
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre was destroyed by fire in 1613. After years of research, construction on the new 20 sided timber framed 'Wooden O' began in 1989 along the banks of the Thames. Submitted by Peter McCurdy
Use of Dead Standing Timber
Once a neglected resource, dead standing timber in the Pacific Northwest offers environmentally concerned builders a source of quality old-growth timber--but it's not without its quirks, by Bruce Lindsay
Stabilizing the Montague Roadhouse
Preserving a bit of the past of Alaska's log building history along the Klondike Highway, by Diane Olthuis
Making Curved Windows from Logs
A step-by-step illustrative guide to making round, curved and geometric window casings and trim using round logs,
by Rex Halterman


Sustainable Construction
Natural building practices promoted at 1st Annual Sustainable Construction Conference in Tampa, Florida 1995. Concepts and systems in practice with comprehensive overview, by Steve Chappell
Natural Enclosure Systems
Overview of Materials, Products & Systems, by Steve Chappell
Introduction to Bau-Biologie & Ecology
Principles of Bau-Biologie and how to create healthy living spaces, by Helmut Zie
Pacific Forest Report
Public forest policies still up for grabs in Washington, Oregon and Northern California, by Michael Evenson
Lars Vadla's Sod Roof
Traditional scandinavian sod roof provides warmth and local interest in Alaskan cabin, by Diane Olthuis
Better Health Without Sacrifice
Radiant floor heat provides healthy indoor living environment, by H. Mark Eudaly


Timber Frame Tension Joinery
An overview of basic engineering principles for designing timber frame tension joinery, by Steve Chappell
Home of the New Frontier: Designing Whole House Systems
A wholistic perspective on the challenge of building for the new millenium, by Eric Thompson Olsen
The Craftsman's House by Gustav Stickley
A practical application of all the theories of Home Building advocated in the Craftsman Magazine, circa 1908,
by Gustav Stickley
The Theft of History from Remote Cabins
The pilfering from Harry A Johnson's Alaskan wilderness cabin, by Diane Olthuis


Restoration of a 17th Century Timber Frame
Virginia Museum reconstructs last historic English timber frame allowed to leave England, by Boyd Walker
Cutting Costs, Preserving Quality
One timber framer approach to building cost-efficient timber framed homes, by Tony Streible
Timber Joinery Solutions
Sizing lap tenons: design and engineering, by Steve Chappell
A Good House: The Affordable Cape
Three versions of the tall-posted cape illustrate adapability, affordability and timelessness of a traditional house design
by Tom Musco
Detailing with CAD
Architectural detailing with CAD software, by Rudy Horowitz
Spirit Houses, Houses with Spirit
Houses with good spirit are at peace with their settings and structurally welcome people...often the houses that touch our souls the most are very modest structures, with a special spirit, by Diane Olthuis


Designing Cost-Efficient Timber Frames
A look at ways of reducing the cost of timber frames without sacrificing aesthetics, by Steve Chappell
Working with Reclaimed Timbers
One company's history and evolution of working with reclaimed timbers, by Gordon & Robin Plume
Round Log Construction in Carolina
Scribe-fit round log construction project in the mountains of western North Carolina, by Steve Semanchuk
California Report: Forest Management
Progress and problems solving the "Great Forest Debate", by Michael Evenson
Construction of the New Spire
The historic timber framed meeting house in Jaffrey, New Hampshire gets a facelift, by Paul Martin
Creative Solutions to Joinery Errors
I planned it this way..honest, I did, by Ken DeCarle


The Maine Timber Frame House
A 1992 Timber Frame Built with 1911 Timbers
Building Timber Frame Park Pavilions
Directing the Restoration Effort


Atlantic Challenge in St. Petersburg
Ancient Log Buildings in Russia
Reassembling 18th Century Windows & Doors
The Drought's Impact on Forestry


Building Affordable Timber Frames
Reassembling a Russian American Blockhouse in Alaska
Report on the German Guild Conference
California Report: Forest Management in the Redwood Region of California


The Energy Efficiency of Log Homes
Loam Instead of Foam: Traditional Straw/Clay Construction in Germany
A Stave Church in South Dakota
A Covered Bridge for the City of Guelph
Old Growth and Sustainable Forestry


Scribe-Fit Log Building: Part 2
French Scribe Rule: Rebuilding the Historic New Orleans Cabildo Roof Frame 
The Thatcher: The Art of Thatching
Jon's Pagoda, Insights from A Craftsman Timber Framer in Alaska
Dreams, Drawings, Dollhouses: CAD Review plus


Scribe-Fit Log Building: Part 1
Alternative Insulating Panels for Timber Frames
Rebuilding the Packard Hill Bridge (covered bridge)
White Barn Trim: Pagan Influence on Dutch Barn Trim Design
Old Fireplaces Meet Modern Standards
Foundations & Decks: Guidelines for Building Foundations for Timber Frames


Insights into Operating a Sawmill
Choosing the Right Timbers
Dutch Barns in Holland, Michigan
CAD Software Reviews: Minicad +3.0
Timber Bridge Optimization Project
Swift River Covered Bridge Restoration
Disposal of Treated Wood from Bridges


Medieval Clear Span Truss Designs
Basic Principles of Truss Mechanics in Timber Framing
Introduction to CAD Design
CAD Software Reviews
A Timber Frame Designer's Struggles with CAD
Timber Framers Guild Position on Old Growth Timber


Covered Bridge Designs: Truss Designs and Mechanics Overview
Rebuilding Lowe's Bridge
Pressure Dynamics of Tight Houses: HVAC Issues
Mortising Machine Reviews
Economics Behind Old Growth Harvesting


Stresskin Panels-Technology for Today
Timber Framing in Canada
The Fine Art of Contracting: An overview of What it Takes to Build for Clients
Stresskin Waste: What Do We Do With It?
Trenagl: Norwegian Wooden Nails in Traditional Boatbuilding
Acid Rain: Cancer Eating our Forests
Traditional Instrument Makers


Working with Green Timbers: Insights into Wood Caracteristics
Full-Scribe Dovetail Joinery (Log Bldg.)
Managing Our Forest Lands
Saga of Demus, Part 2
Preserving the Family Sawmill: One of our Greatest Forest Management Assets & Knowledge Basis of Wood
Stresskin Waste? Study to Devise Methods to Deal with It


Joinery Part 6: Roof Framing--Laying Out Compound Timber Frame Roof Systems, Hips & Valleys
Full Scribe Dovetail Joinery Part 1: Building a Log House With Square Logs
Fachwerk: Timber Framing Texas Style, Traditional 19th Century Framing Systems from The Germanic Settlers in Texas
Field Testing New Ideas: A Review of Timber Framing Tools in Action


Joinery Part 5: Roof Framing--Geometry and Trigonometry of Roof Layout
Apprenticeshops Keep Alive Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding
The American Timber Frame Industry: Uneven but Strong Regional Growth
Should You Get Your Timbers Machine Planed? Insights into working with timbers
Tough Battles Rage Over Harvesting Old Growth Forests


Timber Framing Part 4: Roof Framing--Truss Design in Timber Framing
Kids Learn By Doing: Students Build a Timber Frame in Texas
History Recaptured: Hand Hewn Curved Beams Highlight Barn Restoration
Boatbuilding Part 4: Lofting; Completing the Line Curves (series)
First Barn Raising: Group Learns Teamwork and Technique While Timber Framing


A Better Shell: An Option to the Paneling Question (Alternative Timber Frame Enclosures)
Boatbuilding Part 4: Lofting--Laying Down the Lines and Curves (series)
Small Scale Wood Drying: Building your own kiln is easy and economical
Central Masonry Heater Adds Warmth, Tradition and Soul
Architect Erects first Timber Frame: Overview of how to approach the building of a timber frame


Boatbuilding Part 3: Lofting--Laying the Lines of a Boat (series)
Timber Joinery Part 3: Tie Beams, Design Considerations, Joinery
Timber Framers Conference at Marlboro, VT
Old-fashioned New England Barnraising
Yoshikuni Shimoi Teaches the Art of Japanese Joinery in Alaskan Workshop
The Effects of Aging on Timbers: Working with Timbers in the Green State


Timber Joinery Part 2: Braces & Bracing
Boatbuilding Part 2: Lofting...the Art of Fairing (series)
Marlboro Vermont to Host 2nd Annual Timber Framers Guild Conference and Trade Fair
Timber Mortise and Tenon Connections Part 2: Comparison of Calculated and Tested Capacity
The Evolution of a Timber Framer: Creative insights from a novice turned professional
English Timber Framing--A Historical Incentive, Tour of England and it's Timber Framing Traditions

JQ#7 (unabailable)

Joists and Purlins Part 1: Dovetails Where and Why to Use Them
Boatbuilding: The Backbone (series part 1)
Owner Builder...A Self Sufficient State of Mind
Overview of Stress Skin Panels in Contemporary Construction


Chain Saw Milling in Alaska: Milling Timbers with a Chain Saw Mill in Alaska
Timber Framers Guild Charter Conference
A Timber Framer's Tool Box: Tools for the Trade
Use the Right Wood Correctly: Some Givings and misgivings of wood in homebuilding.
Mahogany or Swamp Cedar: Insights on the appropriate use of wood in boat building.
Timber Mortise & Tenon Connections, Part 1: A Comparison of Calculated Tested Capacity

JQ#5 (unavailable)

Doers & Dreamers: A profile of owner builders
Is the American Dream Lost? How do we find appropriate ways to build
Timber Framing Tips
Directory of Owner Builder Schools
June Conference Marks Beginning of the Timber Framers Guild of North America
In Search of the Perfect Framing Chisel: Qualities we look for in a Fine Chisel


Timber Framing and Building Codes: How We meet them? Building the first permitted Timber Frame in Anchorage Alaska
From Two by Fours to Timbers: Timber Framers account of their Journey
Structural Design Consideration in Timber Framing: Comprehensive Overview of Timber Frame Structural Design


The Norfolk School of Boatbuilding: On Being a Craftsman
Saga of Demus: Travails on a sailboat in Maine
Introduction to Boat Building Schools

JQ#2 (unavailable)

Closing in a Timber Frame: Enclosure options
Building with Stress Skin Panels

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